Canopy reconstruction

prestavba pristresku

Canopy reconstruction

A lovely young couple contacted us because they needed to update the canopy over the terrace in front of their house. The original one was made of iron more than 16 years ago. They asked for a state-of-the-art and maintenance-free canopy. We suggested using the frosted polycarbonate for the roofing of the pergola as it …

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drevena pergola milano

Setting up a Milan wooden pergola

Day one After having delivered the components of the Milan wooden pergola to our customers home, we are ready to start its setup. The standalone Milan wooden pergola has invisible and extremely strong fittings. Strong fittings allow for construction without corner braces that would otherwise disturb the simple design of the pergola. But do not …

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montaz hlinikovej bioklimatickej pergoly

Setting up a bioclimatic pergola

We complete on-site the main structure of the bioclimatic pergola. If the aluminium pergola has accessories, such as LED lights, front or side blinds we install their cables into the poles of the pergola to make them invisible. We lift the frame of the bioclimatic pergola to the necessary height and installthe poles. The number …

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