How to choose a pavilion?

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Pavilions are perfect accessories to any garden that make your home even more attractive. They help to expand your living space and let you enjoy your garden all year long.

Pavilions are freestanding buildings with a roof and open on the sides. They can be square, rectangular or round but the more popular ones are hexagonal or octagonal. The basic structure of pillars and roof can be complemented with doors, windows, and benches. Seasonal pavilions can de set up or dismounted as necessary.

How to choose Gazebo?

How can I use my pavilion?

There are almost limitless ways to use a pavilion. Usually, they are to relax and refresh. Size permitting, the pavilion can be furnished with sunbed table, chair, bench. This increases comfort and living space.

The garden pavilion is ideal for garden parties and barbecues. It is also very popular for weddings nowadays.

Some turn their garden pavilions into a gym or use it to practice their religion or to meditate. Placing a jacuzzi in the pavilion becomes more and more popular as it can provide enough privacy. Gardeners grow plants in them to avoid extreme sunlight. There are, basically, countless ways to use your pavilion.

What to look for when choosing a pavilion?


Location is crucial if you want maximum satisfaction from your pavilion. You only have to answer these three simple questions to find out what would the ideal location be for your pavilion.

What are you going to use your pavilion for?

The aim defines the location. If you want to use it for eating in the garden, it is wise to place it close to the house to reach your kitchen equipment easily. If you want to use it to read or relax, place the pavilion further from the house. Poolsides and barbecues are also popular locations for the pavilions to provide shade during hot summer days.

What kind of view would you like from the pavilion?

It is up to you. If it is close to a lake the sounds and view of the water provide maximum satisfaction. View to the garden or the mountains can help reduce stress and relax after a hard day.

A view of the house lets you admire your home while you can keep an eye on your children.

How to choose Gazebo?

How does your ideal pavilion look like?

Besides the view from your pavilion, the view of your pavilion is equally important.

This is also all up to you. Many owners want to add to the attractiveness of their property and this is why they tend to put the pavilion to an otherwise empty part.

So if you want to have the perfect pavilion, don’t forget to ask yourself these three question. Answering them helps you find the finals aim for the pavilion.

Have a look at our selection at “Products” or “Pavilions” pages. Contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Have a look at our selection at the “Products” page of our website. Contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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