Canopy reconstruction
A lovely young couple contacted us because they needed to update the canopy over the terrace in front of their house. The original one was made of iron more than 16 years ago. They asked for a state-of-the-art and maintenance-free canopy.

We suggested using the frosted polycarbonate for the roofing of the pergola as it meets all their needs. Provides shade during hot summers but lets enough light into the terrace even on grey winter days. 

The frosted polycarbonate roof of the aluminium pergola perfectly meets these requirements.

Our clients were astonished by the difference the aluminium pergola made to their terrace. As a special accessory, we also installed front blinds that are a new product of 2019 and resist even wind of 60km/h. The mechanics of the front blinds are hidden into the poles of the pergola. Its premium material resists wind, rain, frost and UV radiation, as well for 20 years! You can select your favourite colour combination fromour colour catalogue.


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