What is the ideal pergola for your garden?

Coming home from work, holidays or simply from a visit, is a relaxing feeling for every-one, mostly if we arrive at our dream home. Home is where we can be ourselves, that reflects our personality, the happiest place on earth.

A pergola can help make your home better, more comfortable and more spacious. It makes the exterior of your home more attractive and has a range of ways to use it best. Winter cold, summer heat, autumn rain, the pergola serves you in every season. Your children and pets will feel free and active – days of being stuck inside are over.

The pergola is the perfect spot if you need some space to entertain, to through a party or even organise a small wedding. It is also a perfect spot where you can relax and recharge your batteries with your family. It not only can be set up in the garden but can serve as a connection between two buildings, as well.

A few of the pergolas we offer:

  1. Pergola with a flat roof – a flexible design, can be combined with wood in several sizes and can be complemented with installed LED lights.
  2. Oriental pergola – Open roof pergola – ideal for those loving direct contact with nature. Popular airy design that is easily decorated with your favourite creeper plants.
  3. Aluminium pergola – A state-of-the-art design. Compared to other materials, aluminium is light and solid at the same time. Durable and contemporary, even after many years.
  4. Pergola covered with awning – the awning attached to the bars of the pergola creates the feel of a roof. Elegant and modern design that changes the look of your house and garden.
  5. Traditional pergola – usually made of wood, stands on pillars, gives a traditional impression and is easy to decorate to the liking of its owner.

With combining and attaching more pergolas, large spaces can be covered.
Do you want to have the pergola of your dreams? Then use your imagination and let the variety of our pergolas inspire you. There are no limits for us in the world of pergolas.

We offer your the best quality and price. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Čo sa týka vašej vysnívanej pergoly, uvoľnite uzdu vašim nápadom a nechajte sa inšpirovať ponukou našich pergol. Neexistujú pre nás žiadne limity a štýly, ktoré by sme nevedeli pre vás vyrobiť. Ak sa s nami spojíte, pomôžeme vám aj s vlastným inovatívnym dizajnom.

Naša kvalita a cena ponúka to najlepšie, čo môžete na trhu dostať. Neváhajte a kontaktujte nás.

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