Victorian garden pavilion

Day ONE!

The set up has started of our most complicated pavilion, the Victorian pavilion with slate roof. We are preparing the poles for the metal heels and the completion of the pavilion’s wreath. Quality and accuracy have to be 100%. We use the latest technology to create these complicated garden structures. The set up takes about 7-10 days.

Day TWO!

We set up each segment that is attached using invisible fitting elements. One of the most complicated steps is to install the octagonal wreath that needs to fit perfectly into the notch. This process takes five hours by itself.


Installing the metal star that holds together the rafters of the pavilion from the top to the prepared notch. We aimed to create a solution to invisibly attach the rafters to the Victorian pavilion. After installing the star, that takes 7 hours, comes the glueing with special binary adhesive.


24 rafters are installed on the pavilion.


On day five we started nailing of the ceiling that is followed by the nailing of the natural slates with copper nails. But this only starts on the following day and takes about 2 days.

Day SIX!

The next important step is the roofing. Each piece of slate has to be cut around with a hammer. If we used a grinder, the edges of the slate would start peeling after a while. Roofing takes about 2 days.


The slate roof of the Victorian pavilion is almost ready, only missing the royal crown from the top. On the other hand, the pavilion steel needs flooring and some fine-tuning.


The complicated process of oak flooring has started. To create a base and then accurately put the floorboards to their place takes 2-3 days.


We have finished the floor and some other details of the Victorian pavilion.

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