Day ONE!

The construction of one of our most complicated gazebos began. Victorian gazebo with stone roof. Preparation of pillars for mounting of metallic sockets and completion of a wreath gazebo. Accuracy and quality is 100%. By using modern technological production processes, we can produce such complicated garden constructions. Estimated installation time 7 to 10 days.

Day TWO!

We have built up individual segments that connect to each other, of course, without visible connectors. The complicated part of the assembly of the gazebo was the fitting of a pinhole (eight angle), which had to fit into the groove. The actual laying took 5 hours.


Set of a metal star that keeps on the top of the gazebo together. This metal star is inserted from the top into the milled grooves. The intention was to achieve a ragged joint without visible connecting screws on the entire Victorian gazebo. After inserting and precision mounting of the star, which lasted for 7 hours, subsequent grouting of the grooves with the inserted structure of the two-component glue.


Setting up of rafter to the gazebo, total 24 pieces!


On the fifth day, we starting to nail veneers, and then a natural slate was nailed-up by the copper nails. But that’s the next day. The expected time of slate placement is 2 days.

Day SIX!

Another significant part of the installation of the Victorian gazebo is the laying of a slate roof. Each one of the shingles must be cut by a hammer. Carbobrus cutting would degrade the slate, which would start to rush over time. Expected installation time is 2 days.


The stone roof of the Victorian gazebo is almost complete, but it is only to put a royal crown on it! Small roof with a spike. Now the gazebo looks like it’s already done. The fact is that there is still a floor in the shape of the main construction of the gazebo and fine-tuning of the details. We will make this in 4-5 days.


The complicated laying of the oak floor of the gazebo began. Preparing the foundation grid and millimetre for exact laying of oak boards will take 2-3 days.


We finish the floor and details on the Victorian gazebo.