Finishing works for the wooden gazebo are coming into workshop. The whole gazebo must be folded to show that evyrthing sitting in detail. This must be in perfect precision fo the gazebo.

Each part of the gazebo is dealt with surface finshes and fine-tuned in detail. All parts of the gazebo are precisely taken to the place of assembly!

Day one!

In this case, the basic construction of the arbor can be built in one day. It can not surprise us anymore, as we have the whole array already assembled in our workshop.

Day two, third.

The curvature of the roof construction on the gazebo in two directions will require a demanding laying of a wooden podium painted with gilding. The preparation of the top grate on the canopy roofing requires a lot of patience. As we approach the roof of the gazebo, there is more complicated the curvature of the lattice. There were 2000 stainless steel screws used on the gantry and grate. It is a demanding, physically exhausting job because of the large inclination of the gazebo roof.

Day four to eleventh.

The laying of the canopy roofing began on the roof of the gazebo. It is the oldest type of roofing. The Romans were inspired by the Chinese where their roofs were made of bamboo. They had a conical shape and easily snapped into one another. Then they invented arched tiles of canal-like clay. There are 2850 pieces of small 20x10cm canal tiles on whole gazebo. Each piece has to be routed in a certain place and screwed with a stainless steel screw to the prepared grid on the roof of the gazebo. 2850 times cut the tile using 60 pieces of drills and tweak 2850 screws are the numbers we need to go through each and every time! At the roof of the gazebo, the cover is to be deposited in the mortar bunk. At each corner of the vault there are 80 kg of mortar, the composition of which is mixed according to old recipes due to the weather resistance.

Day twelve and thirteenth

Scaffold construction took about two hours. This is an important part of the finishing work on the roof of the gazebo. Because the laying starts from the bottom upwards, you can no longer climb on the top of the tiled roof of the gazebo. It is just a small step to complete such a difficult installation!

Looking at the finished work of the gazebo, we all forget how much effort we put into the manufacture and installation of the gazebo. It is a beautiful feeling to know that we have the opportunity to produce such exceptional constructions, which will be a little nicer thanks to the patina. Our constructions will slowly be aged like wine, the more older they will be the more we will emphasized their beauty!