How to choose a pergola?

How to choose a pergola?
Sometimes the weather is changeable. Sparkling sunshine in one moment and bucketing down rain in the other. You probably do not like rushing to the house from the rain when you have a great time in the garden with your family. Our pergolas help you in these situations: rain or shine you can be prepared for any weather. A shelter that protects you from bad weather. Perfect decoration for your garden where you can enjoy summer or sip your morning coffee for as long as you like! A holiday zone right beside your house. Not even a spring shower can ruin a pleasant time in your pergola.

The space in your garden determines how you feel yourself in it. Pergolas come in a wide variety and each offer you a completely different feel. When selecting your perfect pergola, it is important to take design, materials and, of course, budget into account. These are the most important aspects not just when you choose your pergola but also years later. So you decided to order a pergola? Here are a few of the models we offer:

Types of pergolas:

Wooden pergolas – they differ from each other depending on the wood used for them. The design of the pergola works well with contemporary wooden houses, Mediterranean houses or weekend cottages. With choosing the right materials you only need maintenance in every 8-10 years.

Aluminium pergolas – mainly for contemporary buildings, simpler, need almost no maintenance and are more affordable.

Pergolas with creeper plants – this is one of the most traditional pergolas. They provide shade and freshen up the look of your garden.

Pergolas with blinds – mostly made of poles and awning to protect outdoor spaces from the sun.

Pergolas with roller blinds – With the electric control of the roller blinds, you decide exactly how much sunshine you want to enjoy inside the pergola. The modern name for this blind is “bio-climatic pergola”.

Pergolas with transparent blinds – an excellent method to create different shade structures. The white, lacquered boards give the space an airy and light feel. This type of pergola can help you to structure unformed gardens.

Pergolas with removable blinds – Some people prefer removable blind to provide shade on hot summer days. These can be made of linen, polyester, UV-resistant drape, rattan or bamboo.

Do you want something special that smartens up the exterior of your home and serves you all year round? Then why not order a pergola from us? We offer you a variety of pergolas from traditional to luxurious that protect you from sun or rain during the barbecue season or even protect your car in bad weather. We are probably the best at the market when it comes to quality and price. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our quality and price offer the best what you can get on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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