Sometimes it happens that the weather outside is not really good. One minute there is sunshine, another minute after there is loads of clouds and rain. If you just sitting outside with your family in the garden and enjoy a beautiful weather, it is very unpleasant to run inside because of the unexpected rain. That is why we do recommend some of our shelters in these times. Because if you will get one of our shelter, you will never be surprised by weather.

Shelters are not only a place where you can hide from the bad weather, but it is also a place that can perfectly sharpen your garden, where you can enjoy the summer a little longer, where you can have your morning coffee or just enjoy a good weather. The shelter can be your relaxing area right next to the house. After all, shelters are for joy and hide from the rain.

The way how you define the space in the garden, may have a great effect on how you feel in the garden. Shelters can be made with more than one way and can bring to your garden completely new life. When choosing the shelter, you should think about design and materials which you want to use, but also about money because it of course will have an affect how the pergola or shelter will look. Not just brand new but after few years. So, if you are sure what kind of shelter you want, you have several options.


Type of shelters:

Wooden shelters – these may differentiate with the type of wood used. The design of this shelter is suited to modern homes in wooden design, homes in Mediterranean style or rural cottages. If you choose the right material, care of this shelter can be limited on once every 8-10 years.

Aluminium shelter – These are more suitable for modern structure, because they are simpler, are practically maintenance-free, and are more affordable.

Shelters with dragged plants – these shelters are the most traditional shingle structures in gardens. As we have already mentioned, these are ideally suited for garden shading and they can give your garden a new and look.

Shelters – marquees that are assembled with canvas and pillars and are used to protect various exterior spaces from sun light.

Shelters with blinds – Motorized blinds can be controlled, and you can enjoy any amount of sunlight that you can get inside of the shelter. The modern name of these shelters is a bioclimatic pergola.

Shelters with transparent sheets – This is perfect if you want to create a different structure of shades. White varnished boards can give the space a light and airy feeling. This kind of shelters can help in the structuring of shapeless gardens.

Shelters with temporary sunblind’s – Many homes prefer temporary sunblind to shield their outer space during hot days that can be simple docket in the colder days. The material for these curtains can be with a canvas, polyester, curtains fabric, rattan, resistant UV radiation or even bamboo.

If you are looking for something unique, something that will glamourize your outside space, something that will serve you in all the seasons, you should take in consideration the shelters from us. From the traditional types to the luxurious modern styles that offer you shelter from the sun or from the rain, when there is a high grilling season or if you want your car or the bike not being exposed to unfavorable weather conditions.

Our quality and price offer the best what you can get on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us.