Do you know what a bioclimatic pergola is? We will introduce it to you!

hlinikova bioklimaticka pergola

Our Bioclimatic pergola is ideal for any weather. This is probably how the bioclimatic pergola could be briefly characterized. But there is much more. You will be surprised what the bioclimatic pergola can do and how it can serve you in the summer and in the winter. In fact, in every season!

Basic properties of bioclimatic pergola

Let’s meet with this pergola. What does a bioclimatic pergola look like? The basic feature that distinguishes it from other pergolas are the upper tilting slats. They can tilt, change position, either reflecting the sun’s rays or creating a roof structure that protects against snow and rain.

How can the slats be controlled and tilted to different positions? By manual, e.g. when a crank is used. Simply turn it to close, open or adjust the slat to a position that suits you. The second option is the remote control of the slats when the slats are motorized. That kind of control is very convenient. However, there are also bioclimatic pergolas whose lamellae are solid in one position. Their main task is to protect against sunlight.

So whether the sun is roasting, a stronger wind is blowing or rain and snow is falling, you will be safe under the bioclimatic pergola. It will protect you (and of course your garden furniture) from the effects of any weather. Because the bioclimatic pergola has the following properties or functions:

  1. Protects. If the slats are in the closed position, they protect not only from the sun but also from rain and snow.
  2. Regulates sunlight. If you want to have more shade under the pergola, simply fold the slats. If you want sunlight, you open them.
  3. Ventilates. The slats have (in addition to the closed roof of the pergola) one additional advantage. And that is the flow of air. Air circulates naturally between the slats. The space inside the pergola is thus less heated.

If you opt for a bioclimatic pergola from our offer, you can choose from several color versions. Of course, there is an extended warranty for 5 years and also a warranty and post-warranty service.

And if, in addition to the bioclimatic pergola, you also choose side frontal shading, you will get perfect comfort and protection. Really, even in the bad weather! Treat yourself to the highest luxury and enjoy the comfort under the pergola all year round.

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