Gazebo before season

Pavilon a szezon előtt

How to take care of your gazebo and pergola before the season?

Previously we wrote how to prepare your pavilion for the winter, after the summer and grill parties. However you have to take care of your gazebo and pergola before they get used in summer.
Which operations you have to do before using them?

Clean the gazebo.

It will be easier, if you make proper and accurate cleaning. Even so you have to remove all the pollutants that gathered during winter. it could be leaves, grasses or others.
In case that your pergola or gazebo has upholstered back-boards, assumed that before the winter they were taken and stored. Starting the season we recommend cleaning the hard pollutions with lukewarm water and a soft brush. This cleaning also includes the corners, wiping dust and wash the floor.

Is it necessary to repair the pergola/gazebo?

Before using check them carefully. Take a look at the roof, for the construction and the furniture.
In case the pergola/gazebo needs to be repaired, get in touch with us and we will take care of it. If you are too busy to supervise your pergola/gazebo we also take over this task. We survey the condition of the pergola/gazebo if it is necessary we make the improvements. It only takes a phone call!

Think about the opportunity if shielding.

You can improve your pergola or gazebo by making it more and more fittin for your requisites. You can complement your half-open gazebo with a shielder, largely if you want to make it as a shelter from sunlight. Of course, it concerns also the pergola. For this is a perfect solution a blinder made from linen. Bines can also be used for defense from sunlight.

A garden made by your imagination.

To enjoy the time under your gazebo or pergola, you can make it with your own ideas and conceptions.
do not forget about the plants, tackle outdoor lights, place some cushions which provide comfort and a cozy atmosphere.
Take care of the gazebo and pergola is not a difficult task, regular cleaning and small repairings are enough. For bigger improvements, our company Gazebo, is glad to help you.
We are convinced, that you are going to enjoy the time and the family gatherings will be unforgettable under the gazebo or pergola we made for you!

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