Creating a Beautiful Court can be a very difficult task, because not every design is easy to fullfill. There are many factors that come into play if you want to renovation or build something completely new. But with proper planning and the experienced supplier, you can transform your yard into the perfect outer paradise. Simple touches and changes in the design of the winter garden can also add value to your home.

Before starting the gazebo, construction projects for conservatories, it is generally advisable that you find out as much information as you can, which helps you with planning and budgeting project. Our mission is to help you with all of this information, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

The election conservatory much depends on your requirements. You should know if you use the garden all year round or just during the summer and warm days.

The decisive factor is the size and shape, equipment breakdown, and if this will be an open system with multiple sites, which site will be the opening or the number of plants.

It is quite crucial in this orientation of the conservatory to the cardinal, because all this determines the reception of light and heat.

Winter garden to the north is more colder, but South is heated throughout the year and over the summer it is good to protect it with appropriate blinds or curtains from high temperatures.

Ideal orientation conservatory is southwest or southeast, since this location is not in the straight afternoon sun.

If the winter garden properly erected on a house, it looks as if it belonged to the house forever. When selecting the size and shape we must also take into account the style of the house. Glass extension should be cozy and attractive from the inside and from the outside. Size should also determine based on the number of household members and as a consequence to what your conservatory will be used for, so it is good all these factors taken into account.

Ako si vybrať Zimnú záhradu? Ako si vybrať Zimnú záhradu?

The variety of different shapes

We can offer you a variety of options, so it is worth all looked in detail and study which option is most ideal for you. Doors may be a scroll or folding that save space and are much more practical. The advantage over the scroll is at a folding Narrow lower guide rail.

Plants for the winter garden

If you want to grow tropical plants, the winter garden is the best way because these plants need high air humidity and a temperature of about 20 ° C. We recommend some of the favorites, and they are: exotic plants, bromeliads, orchids, palms and banana trees also.

Also subtropical plants can be put in the conservatory throw different citrus fruits, cacti, orange trees, knocked nice smell for whole garden.

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