How to choose a winter garden?

Creating a beautiful garden is not easy for someone who is not a professional gardener. There are several factors to take into account during an updating or construction. But the right planning and experienced professionals can turn your garden or backyard into a perfect paradise. With just a few touches and slight changes in the design, winter gardens add to the value of your property. Have fun with friends by the swimming pool or cuddle up by the fire. We turn simple into special. On the other hand, the high cost can be discouraging if you are not sure what kind of winder garden you would like.
Before building a pavilion or winter garden, gather as many information as possible. This will help you budget your project. There can be significant differences in the prices at different places, and the position of your house also affects costs. Some larger projects need more material that can increase delivery costs.
The way you want to use your winter garden also has a great effect on the project. Are you going to use it all year or only during the hot summer months? The interior climate also influences what building material is needed.
Shape, size, equipment, furnishing, arrangement accessibility from all sides, the direction of doors and the number of plants are all crucial. The orientation of the winter garden is important in terms of heat and light.
Winter gardens facing north are much cooler than the ones facing south that are practically heated all year long but need protection from the sun during summer using roller blinds or drapes. South-west or south-east orientation can be ideal that prevents the disturbing afternoon sun.
Ako si vybrať Zimnú záhradu? Ako si vybrať Zimnú záhradu?

Winter gardens and their sizes

A winter garden attached well to the house makes you think that they were originally built like that. When choosing shape and size, we have to pay attention to the style of the house. A glass winter garden should be comfortable and cosy inside and attractive on the outside. The size of the family and the means you want to use the winter garden are two more aspects to take into account when selecting the size of the winter garden.

A variety of shapes

A wide variety is available, so look into all of them before you decide. You can choose from traditional doors, folding doors with lever control or sliding doors which are probably the most practical in terms of saving space.

Plants, the perfects accessories of the winter garden

If you want to grow tropical plants, the winter garden is the perfect solution for you, as these plants require high humidity and at least 20°C. Some of the favourite plants: require temperature. Some suggestions from your favorites: ficus, bromeliads, orchids, palms and the banana tree.
The most suitable subtropical plants are citruses, cactuses and orange trees that spread their pleasant fragrance in the whole garden.
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