Are you building garden gazebos and Other Countries
Yes, garden gazebo, we are able to build anywhere in the EU. Of course, any contract out Slovakia is based on the individual convention.
What is the delivery time of ordering garden gazebo
It depends on a number of criteria such as size, type of gazebo and availability of materials from which vyrobený.V standard sizes that are 400 x 400 cm, the delivery time is about 5-6 weeks.
How much is a challenging maintenance garden gazebo
Where will your gazebo roof tiles of clay tiles, your roof is almost a generation. As for the wooden parts of the garden house, there is very anxious to finish. We use the highest quality paints from leading manufacturers. Of course the price is many times higher than conventional commercial paint, but it’s worth! It is recommended every six years overcoat special coating. During this time your paint does not lose any permanent color and the ability to protect the wood. Without quality paint over the years the wood loses lignum ie the substance that holds the strength and structure of wood. Quality paint it keeps the wood.
What are your garden gazebos so special
It is the first design, quality materials and quality workmanship. This is the thing that you, our company is very proud. Sometimes final finish lasts as long as production. All joints are fitted very precisely and draft.
With such exotic wood working
Frequently working with Bankirai, cedar and teak. In particular, cedar is very suitable for the construction of the gazebo, is resistant to mildew, fungi, insects and has a minimum krútivosť. Cedar wood is recommended for the construction of Japanese pagodas.
What is the complete installation of garden gazebo
It involves digging foundations, concreting handles the gazebo, building a wooden structure, which is already in the final finish and lay roofing.
What are the prices of your garden gazebo
Prices gazebos are among the vyšším.Vždy depending on optional equipment gazebo. Each is a work of art with exceptional design and quality of workmanship.
It is difficult to mount tents gazebo Oasis
Attaches to the gazebo tents Oasis is designed to be either assembly or disassembly as simple as possible. The whole fixing sheet is good transfer of two people, then the assembly / disassembly of no longer than 30 minutes.
It should be dismantled after the season sail from the gazebo Oasis
It is not necessary in the case of dry winters. The sheet does not mind high frost, but in the case of snowfall we recommend to put the sail down. The garden will Taj remains only a bare skeleton gazebo. It is designed and impregnated by her mind even snow.
How to clean upholstered backs after the season gazebo Oasis
Before cleaning coating for a soft scrub brush to dirt settled down between the fibers and sprayed with clean water. For most spots lukewarm “Járová” water. After cleaning, let air-dry.
Remain upholstered backs after the season gazebo Oasis
The side back are designed so as to be separated from the single lifting structure and stored in a dry place.
It can be moved gazebo Oasis
Yes, it is possible, but given the weight it requires at least four people. Even legs gazebo Oasis are designed so that in the event of moving a poolside scratch your flooring.
It is possible in the gazebo Oasis choose a different color combination and the roof lining
Yes, it is possible. If the roof is there to 14 colors and upholstered parts is many times greater choice.
What is the delivery time gazebo Victoria
Arbour Victoria is mainly due to the slate roof to the more demanding applications. Delivery time is typically around 8 weeks.
What is the price of gazebo
The price of gazebo is the final finish, complete installation at the customer to order with imports.
There is a possibility after years to reach your company to control the gazebo covered gazebos
Yes, every customer we have stored in the database, and after 4-5 years will call you and offer the possibility to control the state of the gazebo and applied only new protective coating on your gazebo!
What is the shelf assembly Pergolas the customer
Installation Pergolas should not exceed more than two days.
What is the lifespan bamboo coverings
Lifetime bamboo poles is very high, repels mold and due to its hardness, which is 30% higher than the hardness of oak, is virtually maintenance-free for years. The hardness of bamboo is approaching properties of steel. In Asia, bamboo is often used as concrete reinforcement, steel replacement.
What is the shelf assembly garden gazebo Victoria at the customer
Due to the complicated roof garden gazebo Victoria and precise assembly time is around 10 days.
What is the dimension of the bed garden gazebo
Bed garden gazebo Oasis has a roof size 340 x 360 cm and mattress size is 160 x 200 cm.
For what it is made of wood arbor Hinode
Hinode garden gazebo is made from either spruce, strength class I, II or from western red cedar.
What is the size of garden gazebo Victoria
Average garden gazebo Victoria is 320 cm.
What is the size of the pergola Acapulco
Dimensions Pergolas Acapulco are 410 x 570 cm.
It is possible to make a garden pergola Acapulco also different size
Yes, garden pergola Acapulco we can produce according to your requirements.
What amount of sun methacrylate was used for garden pergola Acapulco
Replacing against sun acrylate is relatively difficult matter. On the whole garden pergola Acapulco there are 240 pieces.
How long does the installation Pergolas Acapulco
Complete assembly Pergolas Acapulco takes two days.
Is it possible roof garden pergola Rio
We offer two versions of the enclosure. 1.varianta is made of clear polycarbonate and 2.varianta electrically roll tarp renovated by the Italian manufacturer, which is weather resistant with 10-year warranty.
How long does the installation of aluminum Pergolas
Installation pergolas Acapulco takes 1-2 days, depending on the size.
It should have a concrete foundation under the columns aluminum pergola
Yes, if it is concreted patio, they must vybetonovat foundations under columns.
Concrete foundations under columns aluminum pergolas we have ourselves prepared
If the customer does not have the possibility of preparing the ground beneath the pillars aluminum pergolas, so we are able to prepare them.
Burst with polycarbonate with aluminum Pergolas Economic Class when the sun is shining on it
Garden aluminum pergola Economic Class is designed to polycarbonate had the opportunity dilatation temperature change. Polycarbonate aluminum pergola Economic Class is completely silent and does not disturb you.
How to shade the glass roof in an aluminum pergola?
We have a shield that is mostly used from the top. It’s a sophisticated stainless steel roller system, the more it comes out of the box’s curtain, the more it stretches.
What is the life of the fabric at the top screen shade on the aluminum pergola?
Pri pravidelnej údržbe raz za 8-10 rokov je životnosť drevených pergol generačná.
Can I climb over the glass roof of the aluminum pergolas?
Yes the top covering for aluminum pergolas and shelters is glued safety glass with 10mm of thickness.
In which snow zone are the aluminum pergolas Basic class?
Aluminum pergolas Basic class are designed for the first 70kg / m2 snow zone.
Which snow zones are your aluminum pergolas designed for?
Our aluminum shelters are set to 1 to 3 snow zones.
To what depth is it possible to have a Top Class aluminum glass with a glass roof?
Pergola Top class is delivered to a depth of 4 m.
Is it possible to make aluminum glazing Economic and Top class perimeter glazing?
Yes, for these types of aluminum pergolas, it is possible to add perimeter glazing even after years of pergola.
Are the poll of the polycarbonate chambers in the Basic and Economic class aluminum pergolas easy to get dirty?
Not when the installation procedure is followed and all the necessary components are used. What we perceive as dirt are in fact the algae that are created by a bad assembly procedure.
To what depth can the aluminum pergola Economic class be delivered?
Aluminum pergolas Economic class can be delivered up to a depth of 6 meters. At the depth of over 4 meters, reinforced support rails are used as well as the aluminum pergolas Top class.
Is it possible to adapt the LED lighting to the pergola aluminum construction?
No, LED lighting must be supplied with an aluminum pergola. All cables are integrated in an aluminum construction.
Is it possible to shield the front shield even after some time for the aluminum pergola?
Yes, many customers will first have to build a pergola and then if necessary, they will also have rearranging.
Is it possible to replace the top polycarbonate in the aluminum pergolas Basic and Economic class?
Yes, in the case of some mechanical damage, the polycarbonate slabs in the Basic and Economic class pergolas can be changed relatively quickly.
Is it possible to install a swing net on the aluminum pergolas?
No, these aluminum pergolas are not built on this regular oscillating motion.
Do your pergolas have an integrated water trough?
Yes, aluminum pergolas have an invisible integrated water gutter that is led down through the pillar.
What is the roof gradient in an aluminum pergola?
The slope of the roof in aluminum pergolas and shelter is 8 degrees, which is 14cm/m.
Is it possible to have a smaller roof slope on the aluminum pergola?
Yes, under certain conditions it is possible to have a tendency for aluminum pergolas of 4 degrees, which is 7cm / m.
Does aluminum pergola corrode?
No, aluminum is a material that does not corrode.
Is it possible to deliver an aluminum pergola in a non-standard color version?
Yes, it is possible with the aluminum pergolas Economic and Top class. We have to finalize the facade of the house before the assembly of the aluminum pergola or after the pergola is installed. We assemble the pergolas on the complete facade of the house. We have a special certified anchor system.
We have wood house. Can we install a pergola on it?
In most cases it is possible to install a pergola or shelter on the log cabin, we have a suitable mounting system.
What is the advantage of Aluminum pergola Basic and Economic with Polycarbonate Preprint?
The advantage is when the polycarbonate is correctly selected for aluminum pergolas. This means that the lacquer polycarbonate will make you shade and there is no darkness beneath it! It clears the sun’s rays and is most often installed on the north side.
Is it possible to drill into aluminum pergolas to hang, for example, light ornamental pots?
Yes, we are able to do this on the pergolas assembly day. We have threaded nuts with the vein, which are molded to your chosen place on the aluminum construction and then you just need to twist the hanging hook.
What is the appropriate height under the pergola?
The clear height under the pergola varies from 210 to 250 centimeters, and the frontal shading is used in the buoyancy.
What is the lifetime of your wooden pergolas?
With regular maintenance once every 8-10 years, the lifetime of the wooden pergolas is generative.
Is it possible to have in-built LED lighting also for wooden pergolas?
Yes, even in the wooden pergolas, we can incorporate the invisible ice light so that no cabling for the lights on the pergolas is visible anywhere
What is the delivery time for an aluminum pergola?
Delivery time for aluminum pergolas is within 45 days. From experience, the most common delivery time is up to 30 days. It depends on the weather and whether it is seasonal or after the season
What is the demanding maintenance of your aluminum pergolas?
Aluminum pergolas are maintenance-free, if spring water is used to remove the most dirt on the pergola and the window cleaner polishes the pergolas.
How wide can the width of the aluminum pergola be?
The pergola width is only limited to the model line of aluminum pergolas Basic class up to 7 meters. For aluminum pergolas Economic and Top class width is unlimited.
What do your aluminum pergolas and shelters excel in?
Our pergolas stand out because they are maintenance-free with modern design and are permanently shaped. Thanks to the high quality exterior components and the thoughtful drainage of rainwater, our pergolas are free of complaints.
Can I also climb on the roof of aluminum pergolas with a polycarbonate shot?
Yes, however, with aluminum pergolas with roofing of polycarbonate you must climb as close as possible to the roof rams.
What width can be the spacing of columns in aluminum pergolas Economic class?
The width between the pillars of the aluminum pergolas Economic class can be up to 5 meters. Of course this must be considered individually for every pergola.
What is the Weight of the aluminum pergolas Economic class?
Pergolas weighing most often from 60 to 150 kg of course depend on the size of the pergolas.
Is it possible to add an aluminum pergola that will not rest on the wall of the house?
Yes we also have the possibility to install self-supporting aluminum pergolas.