Almost throughout the whole year you spend pleasant moments in your gazebo with your friends, family or alone, with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book in your hand. Enjoying some peace of mind, privacy and protected from direct sun and wind. With the upcoming winter, it is time to appreciate your gazebo for these great moments. It is time to take care of your gazebo and prepare it for the winter. We have a few simple instructions for you on how to prepare your gazebo for winter time.

1. Remove the furniture, tools or any toys from gazebo

All the things you used during the last three seasons in the garden gazebo should be kept in a place where they will be protected from bad weather like snow, strong wind or rain. It is ideal to store them in the garage or in the cellar. Not only do you protect them, but it will give you a great opportunity to get the garden gazebo ready for winter.

2. Clean all the dirt

Dôkladne vyzametajte podlahu altánku. Ak je drevená, prípadne vydláždená, nezabudnite ju tiež vytrieť s použitím čistiaceho prostriedku. V prípade, že je súčasťou altánku aj krb, vyčistite aj ten. Samozrejme, nezabudnite vyčistiť altánok od pavučín a od nečistôt, ktoré sa pousádzali v štrbinách, prípadne pod strechou.

We advise you to sweep the floor and do not forget to clean it properly using a floor cleaner –  regardless of the floor being wooden or tiled. Should a fireplace be part of the gazebo, you should clean this as well. Of course, do not forget to clean the cobwebs and the dirt & grime that you can find in slits or under the roof.

You can also check our blog about how to choose the right gazebo.

3. Fix what is needed

Look carefully around the gazebo from the inside to outside, and if you find any damage, then patch it up before the winter comes. Tighten loose screws, fix the wooden cracks and reintegrate loose joints. These minor deficiencies could get worse due to bad weather, which can have a negative effect on your garden gazebo.

4. Impregnate wood with a protective coating

If you want your wooden garden gazebo to survive the winter better, spread protective coating on the wood. There are different coatings available on the market to protect wood from molds, water ingress or even wormwoods. Thanks to this coating you can significantly extend the life of the gazebo.

5. Take care of the garden gazebo during the whole winter

Preparing the gazebo before winter is really important. But it is also important to check on the gazebo from time to time during the winter. Carefully remove the snow from the roof, make sure that everyting is satisfactory and that there is no damage which would need to be repaired immediately.

Of course, the most important thing is to choose a quality garden gazebo that will not be destroyed by the first sight of wind or snow. You can find a selection of best quality gazebos on our website. And if you will take care for your garden gazebo even when you are not using it, gazebo will give you a nice and flawless look throughout the year.

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