What furniture choose for pergola or gazebo?

drevena pergola milano

The perfect garden gazebo or the new pergola deserves the right garden furniture. Are you hesitant to choose it? We will show you what your options are and what the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garden furniture are.

Before choosing garden furniture

First of all, you need to find out what you expect from the furniture. Is it just about functionality? Or rather about design? Are you interested in the cheapest garden furniture that you will have to replace over time? Or do you choose furniture for your gazebo or under your pergola for many years?

It is also important to clarify whether you will store the furniture for the winter and during bad weather or leave it in the place. When you answer these questions, choosing garden furniture will be easier for you. So, what are the options?

Selection of garden furniture by material

Once upon a time, almost all of us had cheap plastic furniture on terraces and under gazebos. However, the time has advanced and so have the demands on design and functionality as well. What can you choose from?

  1. Wooden furniture. For many an absolute favorite. This natural material fits perfectly into the garden and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Its advantage is durability (oak, beech, Nordic pine, and exotic materials) and therefore long life. Of course, regular maintenance is required. The disadvantage is the higher price. This furniture is suitable for a gazebo.
  2. Rattan furniture. Here you can choose either artificial rattan furniture or natural rattan. Although rattan furniture is very nice, its lifespan is not very long. The problem is usually the quality of the string but also the construction. We would recommend such furniture in an enclosed winter garden.
  3. Metal furniture. Again, there are two options, namely aluminum or steel garden furniture. In both cases, you should get long-lasting furniture. However, pay attention to the quality of a particular manufacturer. Aluminum furniture should have walls at least 1 cm thick and more so that it is dimensionally stable and can handle a higher weight. A great place for aluminum furniture is an aluminum pergola. They will go together perfectly! Steel furniture is practically indestructible. But a minor disadvantage is the thermal conductivity. It may be too hot in summer. However, the fabric seat cushion solves this.
  4. Plastic furniture. A good old classic, which you can get for a few small things. The disadvantage is that it cannot handle the higher weight and cannot be cleaned, due to the porosity of the material. However, its routine maintenance is quite simple. A little water and detergent will suffice.
  5. Concrete furniture. This is furniture where the structure (legs) is made of concrete and the seating part or tabletop is wooden. Such furniture could be suitable for a brick gazebo.

There are many possibilities. However, if you are interested in quality and nice garden furniture, we recommend wood or aluminum furniture.

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