Place for your gazebo



Where to build the gazebo?

Chose the most ideal place!
Did you decide to supplement and splendidly adorn your garden with a gazebo?

Chose one from Gazebo certainly, which would bring you joy and satisfaction through the years. In order to make this happen you have to find the perfect place for the gazebo.
What is authoritative when you select the place for the gazebo?

Why did you decide to build a pavilion or gazebo?

Would you like a place with an amazing view of the garden?
Or a place where the family could have lunch without the hardships of the weather? By chance, you want to make your garden more beautiful?
Consider all the factors that affect the location of the gazebo.

1. Function
Take time to sit down and talk out all the functions of your pavilion/gazebo. If you would like it to be a spot for the Sunday family dishes or to organize home celebrations, it should be close to the house, to be nearby the kitchen. If you prefer silence and calmness, it would be sufficient further from the house.

2. The size and type of plot
A factor that has to get attention necessarily. As far as the ground is slanting the gazebo should take place on the top of the hill, for a sightly, nice view.

3. The view from the gazebo
Engineer your gazebo in a way that it provides you with a pleasing sight. Surely, you would not like to watch the neighbor’s house or the street. Scrutinize your garden and chose a place with an appropriate view. As we have already mentioned, the hillside could be the right solution.

4. The view for the gazebo
Build your pavilion not only with a nice view but also to be good to look at it. The gazebo can not be a bothering factor of the garden.

A few proposals where should your pavilion take place:

Artlessly, the final decision is yours, we give you a few suggestions which could inspire you.
An outlying place of the garden.
Surely you ask: what would I do there? You would not be bothered by the lights of the street and the house, in the darkness you can watch the night sky with all the stars, enjoying the moment of perfect relaxation, reading calmly or just be simply deeply contemplative.

Nearby the house.

If you have not got a terrace, a gazebo could be a perfect alternative solution. Build it close to the house to enjoy family gatherings and celebrations.
Preferably engineer it behind the house to prevent a view to the streets and relish more the garden view.

Next to the pool or playground

In this case the gazebo could be a shelter from the sunlight, at the same time you can look after your children.

If you have any doubt about the place of the pavilion, Gazebo will gladly help you. Together we will find a place where the gazebo is going to match all your requirements.

Som majiteľom firmy Gazebo s.r.o, ktorá sa špecializuje na návrh a výstavbu exkluzívnych altánkov a pergol. Roky skúseností a práce s drevom som postupne nadobudol v zahraničí. Vďaka čomu som si po návrate na Slovensko priviezlol veľa nápadov a technologických postupov používaných pri výrobe, ktoré tu ešte neboli.

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This depends on several criteria such as the size, type of gazebo and the availability of materials from which it is made. In standard sizes, which are 400 x 400 cm, the delivery time is around 5-6 weeks.

The price of the gazebo and pergola includes final surface treatment, complete assembly at the customer’s turnkey location with importation.

The installation of an aluminum garden pergola takes 1-2 days, depending on the size.

The prices of gazebos are among the higher ones. It always depends on the additional equipment of the gazebo. Each one is a work of art with exceptional design and quality workmanship.

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