Feng shui in the garden. How to use it?

Zahrada podla feng suej

Feng shui. A philosophy that comes from China and it is almost 6000 years old. It is also quite popular in the Western World. You can apply the theory of feng shui in all walks of life, therefore in furnishings and horticulture.

Why we should do this?

You can develop a place with harmony and a flow of positive energy. The Theory of feng shui in the garden
If you want to use the conventions of feng shui, you have to get to know the principles. The most important is the “csi” , the life energy, that includes the energy of creatures and objects equally. This energy has to stream naturally, fluently and consistently. For this reason, building your garden in the order of feng shui will allow the energies to flow in the correct good way. The consequence is a garden with balance and harmony.

The opposite parity of jing and jang, is also important. What does it mean?

If the garden has plenty of shaded places by trees, we have to increase the light. It there is a predomination of moving elements, we have to balance it with immobile entities. Simply the oppositions have to be on an even keel. According to the principles of feng shui the meaning of harmony is also important. These are wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. In a garden they have to be represented equally, however, none of them could be dominant. Keeping these tenets of feng shui you could easily build a harmonic garden. To reach this goal we give you some examples.

How to engineer a garden applying feng shui? / How to designing a feng shui garden?

From the perspective of feng shui an important thing is the Sandel shape of the garden, if this is not possible with planting can be formed. Another solution is to dived the garden into equal parts. All the gardens should have pavements, however, they should not be a liner, like this the energies can flow faster. Build pathways and mazy sidewalks limbated with flowers. An indisposed element in a Chinese garden is a gazebo or a pergola. They are perfectly fitting in a feng shui garden. If you chose a garden gazebo, place it in the northwest part of the garden. This place prospering for friendships. The pavilion would perfectly serve this duty.

You would like the chose a pergola?

As far as it is an ornament stand for bines, place it in the east part if the garden. This segment meant to be for trees would be perfect for a wood pergola. Should not be missing the herbs and grasses. to get the perfect impression with your feng shui garden chose your pavilion in this style. Gazebo will build you a pavilion or pergola that absolutely fits your requirements.

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