5 main reasons to opt for a bioclimatic pergola

hlinikova bioklimaticka pergola

A relative novelty in the world of pergolas is the so-called bioclimatic pergola. It is becoming increasingly popular. And no wonder. A bioclimatic pergola has many advantages that take relaxing in the shade of a pergola to a whole new level! Are you considering a bioclimatic pergola? Compared to a classic one, it has the following advantages.

  1. It is designed for all-weather and all seasons. While you probably won’t sit under a conventional pergola in winter, you can sit under a bioclimatic pergola. This is ensured not only by the slat roofing but also by the possibility of frontal shading in the form of sliding panels, glass, or roller blinds.
  1. It allows airflow, which you will appreciate especially during hot sunny weather. The bioclimatic pergola is characterized by the fact that its roof slats are tiltable and can be tilted to different positions (either automatically or manually by cranking). When the slats are open, air circulates naturally between them, and the pergola’s interior does not overheat.
  1. It protects against rain and wind. Just close the slats and you are protected not only from the strong sun but also from rain and snow precipitation. The integrated water drainage ensures that rainwater and melted snow will be nicely guided down the pergola In addition, there are options for closing the sidewalls of bioclimatic pergolas. So you can really enjoy your pergola in all weathers.
  1. It regulates sunlight. If you have a canopy on a classic pergola, you cannot choose the intensity of the sun’s rays. With a bioclimatic pergola, however, it’s all up to you. If you want more sun, you open the slats. If you don’t want sun, you close them and enjoy the shade.
  1. It is suitable for anywhere and has many uses. You can use the bioclimatic pergola not only at the house but also as a stand-alone object. For example, it can also serve as a covered terrace for a restaurant or café. In addition, if you opt for a bioclimatic pergola with side and front shading, you get extra living space. You can use this as a pleasant winter garden, for example. There are many possible uses.

Perfect protection in any season and at any time of day or night. Only a bioclimatic pergola will give you that. The fact that it looks luxurious and is a plus when it comes to property appreciation and price increase perhaps doesn’t even need to be mentioned. Choose from a variety of colors and types of bioclimatic pergolas and have one custom-made by us. You will be extremely satisfied with the luxury and comfort that a bioclimatic pergola will bring you.

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