Garden gazebos

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Tailor-made unique garden pavilions

Are you looking for the perfect pavilion for your garden? You certainly need a durable and versatile garden pavilion with a gorgeous design. And our pavilions are exactly like this! Luckily for you, all our pavilions are tailor-made to fit perfectly into your garden or backyard both in terms of design and size. Our garden pavilions are just exceptional. We always focus on perfect work and design combined with premium quality materials. We deliver our garden pavilions nation-wide in Slovakia, as well as to all EU member states.



Garden Gazebos


Where to place the garden pavilion

What would be the best place for your garden pavilion? It all depends on how you wish to use it. For sweet doing nothing, it is perfect to place the garden pavilion beside the house or the pool. For family parties, or if you want peace and quiet, it is probably more useful to place it in the garden.

Placing it in the garden provides intimacy and a perfect view to your home or land.

Several options to choose from

Every-one has a different concept about the perfect garden pavilion. This is why we are here to make your ideas come true. What does your dream pavilion look like?

Open garden pavilion

This open garden pavilion is perfect in sunny weather. It protects you from the strong sun while lets you enjoy the fresh air. It looks perfect by the pool. If you get exhausted of sunbathing you can move to the garden pavilion and enjoy the garden from there.

Partially open/closed pavilions

Thanks to this garden pavilion you can stay outside even in bad weather and also be protected from prying eyes. Enjoy time with your friends and family in the fresh air!

Multifunctional roofs

Besides relaxing, you can store your garden furniture and tools in them when summer is over.



The price of our garden pavilions

The costs of the garden pavilions depend on the model, the material and the size. It might look a bit pricey at first but it is in line with the quality of the material, the design and the lifespan.

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Each of our pavilions is a little gem. What does the price include?

If you choose one of our pavilions, we guarantee you a smooth process. After setting the pavilion up, you can start using it immediately.



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How is the pavilion assembled?

You don’t have to worry about setting up the garden pavilion, it is not a lengthy and messy process, usually only takes a few days, as we deliver you a perfectly ready-made pavilion.

How do we put the structure together? After the foundation is excavated and the fixing elements are covered with concrete, we erect the wooden structure and place the roof on it.

Have a look at the assembly process of the Japanese Hinode garden pavilion.

The time of the assembly mainly depends on the roof. A slate roof usually takes ten days while awning can be set up in 30 minutes.

How to maintain the garden pavilion

The premium quality coatings we use with our garden pavilions will give you the peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the garden pavilion.

What does it mean in practice? Our coatings will protect the wood and its colours, and your garden pavilion will stay attractive for years. It is enough to apply a special coating after 6 years. Garden pavilions with tile roofs need no maintenance and will remain the same for generations.

If maintenance is too much work for you, you can rely on us after the setup of the pavilion. We are glad to help you with the necessary works.

Production and setup of the japanese hinode garden pavilion

What kind of materials is used for the pavilions?

Each pavilion is made of carefully selected premium quality material for endurance, quality and attractiveness. We both use local and exotic wood. You can find more information about materials at this site.

Delivery time of the pavilions

Delivery time, just like prices, depends on the model, the material used and the size of the pavilion. Depending on the production time, the delivery deadline can be between 60-180 days. This is followed by on-site work which usually takes only a few days but with a complicated roof like the one on the Victoria Pavilion can take up to 10 days. It is, though, worth waiting for 100% quality.

Furnishing and accessories of the garden pavilion

Some of our pavilions (e.g. the Oasis garden pavilion) come with upholstered backrest, awnings and seats that are delivered in a colour of your choice at the same time with the pavilions.

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