Are you looking for a suitable gazebo for your garden? Surely you are looking for a gazebo that will have a long life, expected functionality and beautiful design. And we have exactly the types of garden gazebos you looking for

Exclusively tailored Gazebos

Each of our customers has a completely different idea of ​​their garden gazebos. And we are here to be able to fulfill your ideas. What kind of gazebo do you dream about? You can choose from several types of garden gazebos:

  • Open-air gazebo. Such an airy gazebo is ideal for beautiful sunny days. It provides protection from sunlight, but also allows you to fully enjoy the fresh air. These gazebos are suitable, for example, for big gardens near your pool. If you do not want to stay in the sun, you can just hide in your gazebo and enjoy the wonderful relaxing moments.
  • A semi-open or closed gazebo. An arbor, which allows you to be outdoors even in bad weather. At the same time, it provides plenty of privacy. Enjoy a family celebration in your garden gazebo or sit down with friends in the fresh air!
  • Multipurpose gazebos. Not only for relaxing, but also for keeping garden furniture or tools out of season inside and protected.

We offer custom tailor-made gazebos.

We can make for you exactly such a gazebo that fits perfectly into your garden or in the courtyard of the family house. It adapts both to design and dimensions of your house or garden.

Our gazebos are really exceptional. Perfect machining, perfect design and quality of used materials. This is what we do! We will bring you the perfect gazebo and we will build anywhere in Slovakia and also within the European Union.

Garden gazebos and their location

Garden gazebos are not just a place where you can relax. They are also a beautiful addition to your yard or garden.

Where can you place them? This depends mainly on what you expect from the gazebo and what purpose the garden gazebo will fulfill. Enjoy an open-air gazebo at the house or by the pool. For family celebrations or undisturbed relaxation, it is an ideal gazebo in the garden.

If you place it in the farthest part of the garden, you will get plenty of privacy, but also unobstructed views of the entire garden and property.

How it he assembly and construction of the garden gazebo looks like?

You do not have to worry that building a gazebo on your land will be demanding and will run too long. It is generally possible to bring the gazebo at the customer within a few days. The actual manufacture and finish of the wooden construction is carried out in advance. Then we bring the final parts to the customer for assembly.

How is the assembly carry out? First we dig out a foundation that serve to anchor the gazebo. Afterwards, the hinges on the gazebo are put in place, the wooden structure is constructed and the roofing is laid.

You can check for example how we built the Japanese wooden gazebo Hinodie.

It is the roof’s complexity that determines how long we will build the arbor at the customer. If it is a complex slate roof, assembly takes about 10 days. However, if the sail roof is used to shield the gazebo, installation or dismantling does not normally exceed 30 minutes.

Maintenance of garden gazebo

Many customers are afraid that the maintenance of the garden gazebo is too demanding and they will have to do a lot of work with it. The wooden construction of our gazebo is, however, equipped with exceptionally high quality coatings from the best manufacturers.

What does this mean? Your garden gazebo will certainly not lose any of its beauty during this time! These coatings ensure color consistency and sufficient wood protection. After six years, we recommend that you treat your gazebo with a special coating. If there is a roofing of made from burned tiles, you do not have to worry about it at all. The roof is more resistant and lasts for a long time.

Do you feel that you can not maintain your gazebo? Leave it to us for more peace of mind. We care about our customers and their gazebos even after the construction is built.

What material do we use for wooden gazebos?

Each of our wooden gazebos is made of really high quality materials. Those materials are carefully selected so that the gazebo is fully functional and looks nice for years. We use both domestic and exotic woods.

For more information about the materials, please visit this page.

Prices of garden gazebos

Prices of garden gazebos vary depending on the type of gazebo you choose, but also depending on the material used or the size of the arbor. Someone may consider the prices of our gazebo to be high. They are, however, appropriate in view of the quality of the material, the lifetime of the arbors and, last but not least, their design. All our arbors are literally works of art.

What does the price include?

  • Production of gazebo
  • Final top adjustment
  • Imports
  • Complete installation at the customer place

So, if you choose one of our gazebos, you really do not have to worry about anything. We will hand over your perfect garden gazebo fully ready for immediate use.

Delivery time for the gazebo

Like the price, the delivery time varies with different types of gazebos. It all depends on the type, material and size of the gazebo. Due to the demanding production of our gazebo, the delivery time ranges from 60 days for simpler versions  to 180 days for higher demanding gazebos. The subsequent installation of the gazebo at the customer takes several days, depending on the type and work required. In the case of gazebos with a complicated roof, such as the Victoria Gazebo, the installation can take up to 10 days. However, the result is  then 100% finished.

Equipment and other garden gazebo furniture

Some types of gazebos, such as the Oasis gazebo, include upholstered cushions, roof sails or mattresses. These, of course, we deliver along with the gazebo. In addition, the customer has the option of choosing a color combination for the accessories according to their own preference.í.

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