Setting up a bioclimatic pergola

Hlinikova bioklimaticka pergola

We complete on-site the main structure of the bioclimatic pergola. If the aluminium pergola has accessories, such as LED lights, front or side blinds we install their cables into the poles of the pergola to make them invisible.

We lift the frame of the bioclimatic pergola to the necessary height and installthe poles. The number of poles depends on the size of the bioclimatic pergola and whether it is a standalone one or it is attached to a building.

Fins of the bioclimatic pergola are made in three different sizes depending on the width and depth of the aluminium pergola. Each fin has EPDM seals so they are sealed perfectly in strong rainstorms.

The tilting fins of the bioclimatic pergola channel the rainwater into invisible drainpipes installed inside its structure and then lead it out through its poles. You can select the direction of the tilts as well as the number of LED tapes when ordering your pergola.

In case the pergola has front or side blinds, we install driving slats on the poles that drive the blinds. The blinds are installed on the pergola during the production and they are only fine-tuned when setting up the pergola.

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