How to care for an aluminum pergola?

ako sa starat o hlinikovu pergolu

Are you considering an aluminum pergola? Its modern look, quality, strength, durability, longevity and, just as importantly, easy maintenance and almost no maintenance required, certainly speak in its favor.

Quality installation is essential

In order for an aluminum pergola to serve you for many years without any problems, a correct and high-quality installation is necessary. Installation consists of concreting the foundations that serve to anchor the pergola. However, our skilled workers are experienced in the installation of aluminum pergolas. So you don’t have to worry about the strength of your pergola. It will certainly withstand even inclement weather and fierce winds.

A big positive and a prerequisite for a long life is the aluminum construction of the pergola itself, i.e. the aluminum profiles. Aluminum is a very durable, dimensionally stable and virtually indestructible material. What’s more, it requires almost no maintenance. What can you do?

When caring for an aluminum pergola, focus on:

  • Construction – aluminum profiles
  • The roof of the pergola
  • Pergola floor

Maintenance of the aluminum pergola structure

As we mentioned, the aluminum profiles that we use to make our aluminum pergolas are of extremely high quality. They require virtually no maintenance. They do not need to be painted, varnished or otherwise cared for in any way. Just keep your aluminum pergola clean. Use normal detergent and water for cleaning. Be careful not to use wire brushes or sharp objects for cleaning.

Should the paint on the pergola be damaged, please contact us. The color coating can be restored.

Watch out for snow accumulation

When it comes to the roofing of an aluminum pergola, no special care is needed here either. It depends on the roofing you choose. If it is a shading screen, it is sufficient to pull it into a box for the winter.

If you choose a glass roof as a roofing material, again you only need to clean it of dirt as needed. However, in winter, in the event of heavy snowfall, we recommend that you carefully remove the snow from the pergola roof. Read how to care for your pergola in winter.

Care for the floor

In the case of flooring, care depends on what material it is made of. Again, no maintenance is required for paving or concrete. A simple sweeping and washing off dirt with detergent and water will suffice.

However, if you choose a wooden floor, maintenance will be more difficult. You will need to treat it regularly with impregnating paint, oil or varnish. You will also need to sand it once every few years.

As you can see, an aluminum pergola is really low maintenance. Even without care, it will serve you for many years unchanged and without changing its functional properties!

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