This gazebo we are introducing is our most hardest to build product. Only the preparation and manufacturing takes about 240 hours and we spend 10 days with fitting it in the garden of our customer. A really gorgeous piece of garden jewelry hides behind these numbers.

Dominant part of this gazebo is absolutely the roof. It´s like a royal crown tiled with the oldest type of channel roof. This type of this channel roof is made of the most rare clay in Europe. Experts say there is a stockpile left for only 10-15 years of production. It is the smallest kind of tiles produced in the world. Expands in area of 410 x 410 cm in number of 2 850 pieces. This amount of classic tiles could be used for a standard house. Each piece of tile must be precisely placed within the lathing until it exactly fits.

The view you can enjoy under the gazebo is majestic and unique. The combination of beautifully crafted rafters and gold-coated roof creates an unusual contrast of colours.

The gazebo is set into the hand forged leg which brings it into harmony with the roof.

Fantasy has no boundaries. Dominantly shaped horns resemble a sailboat on the sea.

A few common gazebos could be built from the quantity of wood we used for production of HINODE. We always choose the best quality of wood for better finish. Every part of it is sanded three times to smooth finish. Coating materials belong to the best and we guarantee it is maintenance free for many years.

“The hallmark of exclusivity” All our models of garden gazebos and pergolas are provided with engraved brass plate.