Bio-climatic pergola

Aluminium bioclimatic pergola

We offer a broad selection of our state-of-the-art aluminium bioclimatic pergolas that adapt to all weather.
Our pergolas are available in two standard color versions of anthracite RAL 7016 and DB 703. In addition to the standard color shades, choose the above-standard color pattern of the pergola according to the RAL swatch.
bioklimaticka pergola bratislava
The top tilting slats can be produced in a variety of sizes from 200 x 28mm (width x depth) to 270 x 60 mm (width x depth) depending on the total size of the bioclimatic aluminium pergola. The static load caused by snow also influences the sizes of the slats. The largest one-piece tilting slat is suitable for a max 6 meters deep pergola.
Bioclimatic pergolas can stand on 4 pillars or can be attached to the building and supported by 2 or 1 pillar.
Bioklimatická pergola
Bioklimatická pergola
Our bioclimatic aluminium pergolas are also available with front or side blinds that protect from sun rain and wind alike.
Our bioclimatic pergolas not only come with a 5-year guarantee but we also provide experienced servicing during and after the guarantee period.
Bioklimatická pergola
Bioklimatická pergola
The aluminium bioclimatic pergola can take 7 meters in width and be supported by 2 pillars.
Our bioclimatic pergolas are made in Europe with a 5-year guarantee. Thanks to our experiences and innovation we provide A servicing during and after the guarantee period.
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