Top Class – Aluminium Pergola

Aluminium pergola

The Top Class series is all about elegance and sophisticated design.

Advantages of Top Class aluminium pergolas:

they retain their shape
no need for maintenance
no need for repainting
their design works great with every house
invisible rain-pipes
Top class – aluminium pergola
Top class – aluminium pergola

Complementary winter garden

Top Class pergolas can be turned into a winter garden even several years after their assembly by glazing their sides.

Installed LED lights

The LED installed almost invisibly on the rafters lights add to the practicality of the pergola. The intensity of the light can be remote controlled.
Top class – aluminium pergola

Roller blinds

The front electronic roller blinds are extraordinary accessories to the aluminium garden pergola.

Front blinds

Front blinds not only protect you from the sun but also create privacy, whenever you want.
Top class – aluminium pergola
Top class – aluminium pergola

Decorative sill

The decorative sill is the signature element of the Top Class series. It is attached to the rain-pipe which channels rainwater invisibly, inside the columns.

Easy to use

The blinds of the pergola can be closed and opened individually or jointly by simply pressing a button.
Top class – aluminium pergola
Top class – aluminium pergola

A variety of moulding

You can select from two different top mouldings.


The two sides of the Top Class pergola’s roof can be opened individually or jointly, as you like it.
Top class – aluminium pergola


Optional foldable side glazing. The aluminium pergola can be complemented with blinds at any time for a 100% sun and wind protection. The cables of the electronic roller blinds are installed into the structure of the aluminium pergola for an esthetic finish.
Aluminum pergola can be supplemented at any time with shading screens to achieve 100% and wind protection.
Top class – aluminium pergola
Top class – aluminium pergola
The wiring to the electrically operated air curtains is integrated in the aluminum pergola construction so that it does not disturb you.


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