Garden pergola Rio Grande in 2013 is an innovative model with even more sophisticated mechanism sliding sheets.

Awnings is elegantly incorporated into the massive construction of the pergola.

The whole structure Pergolas Rio Grande 2013 produced the most advanced technological processes. Thin sheets of wood are stacked on each other and crimped to the desired size. Thanks to this technology is achieved permanency Pergolas wooden structure. Any change in the shape of wooden structures pergolas can immobilize the guidance system.

Finish Wood abrasion through three levels to fine grinding of wood. The quality of the coating will ensure maintenance-free for at least 10 years of age.

Only from premium materials produced garden pergola will be many times more resistant to weathering. Making even after several years will be indistinguishable from new.

“The hallmark of exclusivity” All our models of garden gazebos and pergolas are provided with an engraved brass plate.