Wood pergola Phoenix

Like all gazebos and pergolas, pergola Phoenix is made by latest technological procedures.

Wooden pergola Phoenix with shading

The choice of roofing in the wood pergola variant is wide. In a wooden pergola you can choose a variant of poly-carbonate or glass in different color shades. The choice is yours!

BSH adhesive technology: cut along the wooden plates stacked on each other to desired size and crimped on. The produced wooden structure pergolas will be dimensional stable throughout the whole life.

Dimensional stability is important for the glass roof pergola and line cover in the guide rails.

With combination of specially designed structural joints produced by CNC technology with high accuracy this pergola is perfect.

The top screen is designed to withstand wind, rain and UV. After using a high-quality, rubberized perforated shielding material, for more than years of use, 90% of the material’s properties are preserved. It is the stainless steel pulley system, the more the material comes out of the box the more it is stretched. the aperture can be used on any type of our wooden or aluminum pergolas.

krasna drevena pergola fenix

The wooden pergola Fénix can be elegantly combined with the lacquer polycarbonate.This makes you shade in front of the sun, bu it let the light come inside. So there is no effect of darkness underneath!

Even the glass can shade! Choose a variant that will make a good shade, but it will not be dark under it. Wood and glass are materials that perfectly glaze and wont they lose the exclusivity mark.