New KCR aluminum shelters

A new range of aluminum shelters combines design and purpose. They are exceptional by their processing and using extremely durable materials.

nova rada kcr hlinikove pristresky

The exotic styles complement design and production from Japan. In the land of the sun, where honest craftsmanship means pride. We are pleased to offer you these exceptional products.


vehicle protection against UV 100%

vehicle protection against IR 75%

wind resistance up to 137 km/h

shape stability + maintenance-free

large variability of dimensions up to 4 cars

no need construction of expensive garages

color black / titanium finish

kcr hlinikove pristresky
kcr hlinikove pristresky

Maintenance-free is another strong side of aluminum shelters. Never brush over!

Aluminum shelter can also be produced in the above-standard color design of the design according to the RAL sampler. Can not find the right size? Please contact us.

nova rada kcr hlinikove pristresky