Gazebo victoria

Victorian garden pavilion

Day ONE! The set up has started of our most complicated pavilion, the Victorian pavilion with slate roof. We are preparing the poles for the metal heels and the completion of the pavilion’s wreath. Quality and accuracy have to be 100%. We use the latest technology to create these complicated garden structures. The set up …

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5 reasons to build a pergola

5 reasons to build a pergola

Would you like to expand your exterior space? Do you want a better view of your garden? You want to add value to your property and make it more attractive? You can get all this with a pergola. A pergola is an excellent investment if you want to increase the value of your property and …

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How to choose a pavilion?

Pavilions are perfect accessories to any garden that make your home even more attractive. They help to expand your living space and let you enjoy your garden all year long. Pavilions are freestanding buildings with a roof and open on the sides. They can be square, rectangular or round but the more popular ones are …

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